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This charitable organisation has been set up in memory of Robert Howden (Bob).  Bob suffered with non alcohol related liver cirrhosis for 5 years and although his health wasn't brilliant he carried on a normal life as best as possible with his wife.  Sadly Bob's cirrhosis developed into primary liver cancer in 2014 and he passed away just 6 weeks after his diagnosis.


Bob had watched a program on pigs liver transplants one evening before he knew about his own cancer.  The idea of researching pigs liver transplants for humans certainly filled Bob with curiosity and hope for the future and he was able to discuss his keeness for research with his own family whilst he was in hospital.  Unfortunately he didn't live long enough to even see this charity up & running!


Bob was passionate about visiting the seaside & born in Scotland his favourite colour was 'Scottish Blue'. The charity colours are a representation of Bob's passion - the sky, the sea & the sand with his name in the 'Scottish Blue'.


Bob Howden Foundation for Liver Diseases Research aims to:

1) to recruit and fund education teams to travel to schools/colleges/universities/work place and communities throughout the UK to educate children and young people, the elderly and everyone in between on the importance of looking after your liver.

2) to set up and run an annual medical/academic conference and a journal that will feed into producing information in a health magazine for the general public.

3) to fund small grants for researchers embarking upon a career specifically related to the liver and to hopefully recruit our own researchers to help cure/prevent liver diseases in the future.  


In today's society we are living with more stress and fast paced activities. People eat convenience foods without realising what impact it could be having on their body. On the whole we are disadvantaged in the educational sense, more needs to be done to highlight the importance of staying healthy and having a balanced diet and to reduce stress.  As this charity grows and develops more information will become available and stronger networks will be formed.  The Bob Howden Foundation is committed to raising funds continuously for the future of liver diseases research.





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Bob, pictured here, was diagnosed with (Non-Alcohol related) cirrhosis of the liver in 2009.  He initially presented with weight loss, nausea and stomach pain.  Bob had regular check ups and routine blood tests & was later diagnosed with autoimmune Hepatitis; his immune system was poor.  Bob lived a relatively normal life inbetween of being unwell, that is, until early 2014 when his health deteriorated.  Daily routine became difficult forcing Bob to give up work and as his health progressiveley worsened confusion set in.  In early September Bob's blood results were abnormal and he was admitted to hospital where he was later diagnosed with primary liver cancer.  Sadly Bob passed away on 5th November just short of 6 weeks after the cancer diagnosis.  


This charity has been set up in Bob's memory to raise awareness; to educate; to create community networks for patients and their families and to develop projects with health professionals.


If in the meantime you have a liver story that you would like to share with us then please send us a message here >> You will be contacted by a member of our team before any publication of your story can be shared.